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Telluride Film Festival

Posted by Jennifer Sulze on August 29, 2018 in  uncategorized
Come join a weekend of free movie's in Elk park located next to the Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties. The 45th Telluride Film Festival will be running over Labor Day Weekend, August 31 - September 3, 2018. The Telluride Film Festival will feature more than 50 programs screened in ten venues. The most popular films, according to pass holder demand, are repeated throughout the weekend. We are proud to announce our 2018 Guest Director, Jonathan Lethem. The award-winning novelist, essayist and short story w... read more
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6 Easy Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell

Posted by Danielle Hage on August 22, 2018 in  uncategorized
Prep Your PropertyAre you considering selling your home?  Prepping your property will make a huge impact on potential buyers.  It could be the difference of your property receiving multiple offers or months of sitting on the market.1.  Neutralize Your SpaceMaybe you love adding color and pattern in your home, and that's great, just not when it comes to selling your home.  Some buyers can't see past the paint and decor.  To please a wide range of buyers, paint your walls a light neutral colo... read more
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Telluride Mushroom Festival

Posted by Jennifer Sulze on August 17, 2018 in  uncategorized
The 2018 Telluride Mushroom Festival is a celebration of all things FUNGI! Fungi serve many purposes -- from breaking down plant cellulose in nature, to creating nutrients for plants, to serving as food and medicine for people, to acting as bio-remediators to filter and break down toxic land like oil spills and agricultural run off. The festival is taking place in Elk Park right next to Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, come learn some neat facts about fungi and the beautiful land they grow in. For more ... read more
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Telluride Jazz Festival

Posted by Jennifer Sulze on August 13, 2018 in  uncategorized
"If Telluride ain't Heaven, then Heaven can wait."- Dizzy Gillespie Imagine an outdoor venue with a surreal backdrop of 13,000 foot peaks surrounding you as music fills the air with some of the world's most acclaimed musicians in funk, jazz, soul, folk and gospel. Starting this Friday, August 3rd, is the Telluride 42nd Jazz Festival. Jazz festival is a celebration of the arts, soul, history, and the future genre of jazz music. World class jazz musicians are set to perform the entire weekend and several other eve... read more
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Fall Home Trends

Posted by Danielle Hage on August 08, 2018 in  uncategorized
WHAT'S TRENDING THIS FALL? -  HOME INTERIORS  - 1   -   The New NeutralsNeutral palettes have been making their way into homes over the last few years, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  The white on white trend is staying put.  Layering different shades of white or light toned furniture and textiles with white walls and baseboards creates an open and airy canvas to work with.  The trick to making the white work, is balancing it out with wood tones and ... read more
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