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Western Wanderlust

Posted by Jennifer Sulze on June 11, 2019 in No Category
Move over, glamping, there’s a new “it” travel experience in town. The guest ranch has become a preferred travel experience for the affluent. In the last few years, guest ranches that combine the spirit of the Old West with the pampering of a five-star resort have grown in popularity among supermodels, celebrities and well-to-do families alike who want to experience a frontier fantasyland of sorts. A certain Hollywood actress has been known to escape to Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs and Mon... read more
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Telluride Diversity

Written By Lynn Ward, Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties
Posted by Jennifer Sulze on June 03, 2019 in No Category
Telluride has always been a town of diversity. Used as a summer camp by the Ute Indians and named by Spanish explorers, the San Juan Mountains beckoned to those looking to seek their fortunes. In the mining heyday of the late 1800s, Telluride welcomed people from many walks of life. Primarily from mountainous areas in Europe, the region saw Irish, Italian, Swedish, Austrian, Finnish and German immigrants settle in the valley and call Telluride home. Today, Telluride is home to a growing population from Bulgaria. Dr... read more
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Please help us welcome Ryan Yaseen to our CBDP family!

We are excited to have him join us!
Posted by Margaret Lange on May 31, 2019 in  Announcements  News  News and Announcements  Real Estate
Born and raised in Durango, Colorado, I made a personal commitment to move to Telluride at the age of six while riding the gondola with my parents. I have been fortunate to enjoy a lifetime of adventure in the San Juan Mountains, proudly representing six generations of heritage in this area. My roots here have given me an immeasurable affection for these mountains and a unique knowledge of their vast beauty.   Being a Real Estate professional is a tangible way to combine my deep love for the Telluride region w... read more
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The Tale of the Telluride Banker Who Robbed for Good

Written By Joe Nocera 2/28/2019
Posted by Jennifer Sulze on April 16, 2019 in No Category
The West has always embraced its outlaws. Jesse James’s birthplace in Kearney, Missouri, just outside Kansas City, was long ago turned into a museum that includes “guns and the boots Jesse was wearing when he was killed by Bob Ford.” There’s a Billy the Kid museum in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where he was killed by Sherriff Pat Garrett in 1881 (at the age of 21), and another Billy the Kid museum in Hico, Texas —which makes the unlikely claim that he wasn’t kil... read more
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Why Buy in Telluride?

Written by Erik Fallenius
Posted by Jennifer Sulze on April 04, 2019 in No Category
At only 455 acres the historic former gold mining Town of Telluride is walled in and tucked away in one of the most spectacular small box canyons in the country. This American jewel was voted The Best Ski Resort in the US for 2019, by USA Today, and The Best Small Town To Visit in the U.S by US News and World Report, for many great reasons. From its pure natural beauty, surrounded by National Forest, its colorful history, to it's fantastic cultural calendar with some of the finest festival in the world, and of cou... read more
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